Book Buying Policies

We’ve made changes to our book buying policies in order to provide the most value to our regular customers and ensure the sustainability of our business. Please read these policies carefully. Limit on number of books: You can bring us up to 1 banker’s box or grocery bag of books per household per day. We have a small staff and high demand from the community for book buying. The best way to maximize what we offer for your books is to routinely bring small quantities of good books. Pricing books: We determine the retail price of a book (the price we intend to sell a book for in our store) and offer you 30% in store credit or 15% in cash. We may reprice the book at any time, and we may list a different price online (which may be higher than the in-store price). You aren’t entitled to additional compensation for books that we sell for more than the original retail price. Credit balance cap: If you choose store credit when selling us your books, you may only carry a balance up to $100. Once you reach the cap, you can either spend some store credit to make room for more, or you can choose to sell your books to us for cash. Using store credit: Store credit can be used toward 25% of the purchase price of new books, new merchandise, and used Hawaiiana and 100% of the purchase price of other used books and ephemeral items. Discounts will be automatically calculated at the register. Processing times: Books dropped off between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. will be processed that day. We will endeavor to process your books while you shop in the store, but we may need more time based on demand that day. Any books dropped off after 3:00 p.m. will be processed the next business day. Abandoned property: Any books, cash, or containers not picked by 6:00 p.m. the business day following the day the books are processed will be donated to the non-profit of our choosing (usually Friends of the Library and The Hawai’i Island Food Basket). Store credit will be added to your account regardless of whether or not you return unless you’ve reached the credit balance cap. In that case, the excess amount that would have been credited to your account will be processed as a cash buy and the cash will be donated to a non-profit of our choosing. Changing your mind: We won’t complete the purchase until you return, or until we consider the property abandoned (as detailed above). If you return within the processing time, you will have an opportunity to change your mind about which books you want to sell to us and whether you will get cash or store credit. Once the purchase is processed or the property is abandoned (as detailed above), you will not be able to change your mind under any circumstances. Donations: We accept donations of books. If you are donating books to us, that means you are giving them to us as a gift without the expectation of compensation in the form of store credit or cash. We appreciate donations and will take responsibility for getting these books to their new homes and keeping them out of the landfall. That means we may sell them, donate them, use them for craft projects or decoration, or for any other purpose that we choose. Right to refuse: We inspect all books, including donations, prior to accepting them for drop off. We do not accept books that are dirty, moldy, buggy, or incomplete - even as donations. We may refuse to take any books that don’t meet our quality standards. No dumping: We have zero tolerance for dumping. If you leave books outside of our store, you won’t be allowed to sell books to us in the future. If you need to arrange to donate books to us during off hours, call 808-326-7790. Out-of-print Hawaiiana: We pride ourselves in maintaining an exceptional collection of Hawaiiana books. For older, out-of-print books, we ask that you leave the books with us for up to one week so we can conduct appropriate research and offer you the best price. Likewise, we will give you up to one week after we contact you with an offer to come in and pick up any books we decided not to buy or you decided not to sell. After one week, we’ll consider books to be abandoned and will donate them to a non-profit. If you choose cash and don’t return to pick it up within a week, we will mail you a check for books we purchased (sales proceeds won’t be donated to a non-profit as with other abandoned used books).